Passport - CHECK THE DATE OF EXPIRATION on your Passport. The passport must not expire within three months of arrival to Costa Rica.

Travel Insurance - Costa Rican Resource carries its own immediate medical attention insurance along with liability insurance. We do ask that all students purchase their own travel insurance for each trip. Some of the companies we suggest to our guest are,, and Airlines also offer travel insurance.

CDC Site - The Center for Disease control usually does not require any shots or vaccines when traveling to Costa Rica although we do ask since the site can change at anytime that all parents and teachers are checking the site with regards to their travel dates:

Drinking Water - Costa Rican Resource supplies purified water throughout the entire trip for each student. Costa Rica also is well known for its very potable drinking water throughout the country.

Special Diets Costa Rican Resource will accommodate the dietary needs of each student be it vegan, kosher, allergies, or other special requests.

Currency The Costa Rican currency is the colone and is roughly at a rate of 500 colones to the US Dollar. All places visited during the trip will accept US dollars and no need to change currency prior to arrival.