• This was truly an amazing experience. All of our kids had a fantastic time and you and your staff were a major reason why. The best mix of professionalism and fun made life extremely easy.Thanks for all the memories and all the best to CRR and staff.



  • This trip was the best ever. It was so well planned out and your guides made it so fun and humorous. Thanks and PURA VIDA!!!



  • Loved giving back to the local communities. It was amazing to walk into the rural areas and feel so welcomed. The zipline and rafting are amazing but bringing us to hang with the locals tops it all.



  • The best!!! I enjoyed the entire trip and we felt extremely safe from start to finish. Made traveling with students a breeze and stress free.

    Señora Chavez


  • This trip was a 50 on a scale of 1 - 10. My family thinks Im the best dad ever now. Thanks CRR!!!


  • This was the best trip ever and will be hard to top. Having Jheudy as a guide was like a personal encyclopedia. My daughter plans to send her Flat Stanly to the CRR staff for some pics!

    Paa Family


  • Tom, many thanks again to you, Jonathan, Jheudy and everyone else at CRR. Jack and Drew have never been out of the US and have never done most of the things they did this past week with your program. It was an amazing adventure and we look forward to hearing more about it from them over the next few days and weeks...but we know your blogs will provide us with more detail that we can ever expect them to relay to us. Those were absolutely fantastic! You run a very high quality program and we'd be happy to be a reference any time.

    Terry McManus and Brian Truskowski

    Parent's of Students Who have Commented

  • Thank you so much Tom and your team at Costa Rican Resource. I'm sure Emma had a wonderful experience. We're looking forward to the video too. I hope my younger daughter has the opportunity to join one of your trips soon.

    The Sicinski's

  • Tom and company, thank you! It was great to be able to follow this trip as it was Andrea's first trip like this ... and given the experience, we are sure not the last! Can't wait to see the video when it arrives and have Andrea walk us through the entire adventure, day by day. Amazing job, hope to meet you one day too.

    The Ferero's