A little About Costa Rica!

Voted as having the happiest people on the planet, Costa Rica is a country of natural beauties and amazing people. Costa Rica is located in Central America and has not had any military for over 50 years. It is known on an international level for protecting over 30% of it's land. Costa Rica is also a pioneer in Eco-tourism, and encouraging locals to be part of the tourism industry.

Costa Rica is not a third world country but is still considered a developing country. Contrary to the likes of many, you will find Wal-Marts, McDonalds, and many other chains of such in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican people are considered very highly educated for the region and although have the high level of education, still boast a laid-back attitude, not taking life too seriously.

Traveling with CRR?

Traveling with CRR is a real treat. Our staff is full of fun energetic members who have a passion for showing off the country they love. You will quickly realize upon arrival, that traveling with CRR is not any ordinary student trip. The attention we put into each and every trip is as if it was the first and last try we would ever get the chance to do. It's extreme fun mixed with extreme passion from start to finish.

Homstays & Lodging?

Some think that visiting homestays in a rural setting like in our Sitio de Mata Project or Indigenous Bribri project means they will be roughing it. It turns out that these houses may be half the size of your home in the US but are as clean as a whistle and some of the most pleasant nights you will have. The cool mountain air, sound of rivers, and views of volcanos, and a wholesome family feel, make our homestays a place you don't want to leave. You are always in walking distance to your friends' homestays and never feel isolated from the group.

The hotels we use are nice clean safe hotels. We often even stay at least at one hotel that we consider a real treat for the group. Some of our most unique lodging is sleeping behind waterfalls or camping at our river lodge on the famous Pacuare River. The lodging is never roughing it and it is our goal to make sure you are comfortable while enjoying the real beauty of the surrounding nature.


The song goes, when in Rome, do what the Romans do! Well the same works for Costa Rica. Costa Ricans are some of the healthiest people you will meet and you will quickly learn why by their very healthy diet. One of the best parts is that you will bite into fruit and it will make you think you are eating ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. The very sweet and exotic tropical fruits of Costa Rica become favorites for many that might not have liked any fruit before. Along with fruit is the dish of rice & beans with sweet plantains, and some chicken, fish, or beef. If you are a vegetarian there are plenty of meals for you and although it sounds like simple cuisine we know the places to go to make your meals a tasty experience. Also we always treat our guests to what we consider the best ice cream sandwich on the planet! You will have to join us on a tour to experience one of these...


For any emergencies or special requests, we are always fully staffed with certified CRR guides nearby with years of experience, ready to act for what is needed. Students are always within phone contact for direct calls to parents if needed for anything or you can be contacted by parents.