Deciding on a student travel company can be like trying to figure out if the kid that showed up in a car is responsible enough to take your teenage daughter out for a date? Here at CRR we get this. We look after your children as if they were our own. It's our experience, style of operation, and loyal clients that have allowed us to keep our style of touring small, personalised with total attention to safety and professionalism. Here at CRR our main concern is to make it a safe and risk free experience for everyone, while maintaining an excellent level of fun and learning.

Along with our commitment to safety (CRR operates it's own tours as opposed to a middle man contract business) we look out for the interest of all our guests in the legal issues below:


  • CRR is covered by the National Insurance Program of Costa Rica (INS).
  • Our Policy of $1 million dollars per occurrence is for covered claims related to the tour regarding bodily injury.
  • CRR can provide proof of policy.

Travel Insurance

  • Our Travel Insurance policies are subcontracted through three different recommended companies that have years of experience in the student travel industry.
  • Main coverage will consist of tour cancelation insurance, medical insurance, baggage & property insurance, 24 hour emergency assistance.

Travel Costa Rica Stress-Free

  • CRR is owned and operated in the country of Costa Rica. All our main staff is available to help at anytime of an emergency.
  • Over 12 years experience operating student tours.
  • CRR does not combine groups nor look to operate in large numbers. Our main concern is Safety First and to recognise an accident three stages before it happens so it never comes close to occurring.
  • All our tours can be tracked on line through an updated personalized blog.
  • Parents can contact the tour guide at anytime through a cell phone connection.