The idea behind this meeting is to get students and teachers excited about the possibility of a trip to Costa Rica. The idea is to show them your enthusiasm for traveling with them and give a few remarks on Costa Rica being filled with Natural Beauties and the happiest people in the world and CRR being a respected student travel company that works on making every trip personalized and seeing a lot of the real Costa Rica.

Things to Have For the Meeting

CRR has a folder of materials that can be downloaded on line or shipped to you in the mail. We also customise brochures to fit the itinerary you plan on presenting to your class and parents.

Along with other important documents such as medical release form, registration, we also include a powerpoint that is a simple click through presentation on Who is CRR? Why Travel with CRR? Benefits of Traveling to Costa Rica? Comments from our previous guests.

Along with the brochures of your itin we can send posters for your classroom that will get teachers and kids excited about the trip. We will also send a detailed break-down of the price based on number of students and whether single, double, triple, or quad occupancy.


  • Get Info, Email Address, Names
  • Explain Your Passion for Wanting to Travel with kids
  • Compliment the kids in front of the parents

Energize the Idea

  • See, HEAR, feel, & touch what we learn in the classroom!
  • Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet!
  • Happiest People in the world are Costa Ricans!

Benefits of Student Travel

  • Offers a Worldly View
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Gives kids confidence
  • A chance to share and exchange culture
  • Learn, Learn, Learn
  • Solve Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Service oriented
  • Looks great on college resume

Why CRR?

  • Extremely Personalized and Flexible
  • NO MIDDLE MAN (Our guides, from our naturalist guides, river guides to our bus drivers are trained and operated under our management)
  • 100% Safety Record
  • Not the Wal-Mart of Student Travel
  • Passionate about making a difference in EVERY Kids' lives
  • Over 12 years in touring students in Costa Rica

Sign them Up!

  • Agree on Deposit ($400 as soon as possible)
  • Make date for Second Meeting in 90 days

Download Travel Documents