Costa Rica Teen Summer Camp CRR LEAD Summer Camp

Look at the facebook page of the campers from last summer and Connect with former LEADers, Click Here

Leadership: Our summer L.E.A.D. programs main focus is leadership. You will learn leadership skills everyday from meeting with local leaders (US Embassy, United Nation University of Peace), participating in adventures (whitewater rafting), and organizing and running a summer camp for local Costa Rican kids. You will return home with leadership skills and strategies you can directly apply to your life.

Experience: Every experience offers a lessons and this trip is full of experiences. You will experience first hand the natural beauty and diversity of Costa Rica- from the tropical forests to the beautiful beaches. During the trip you will also be fully immersed in the culture experiencing the local food, people and traditions. Everyday offers a new adventure and a lesson to be learned.

Awareness: Part of being a good leader is being aware. A secondary goal of our L.E.A.D program is to create awareness. Throughout the many activities you will develop a keen sense of environmental, cultural, social and self-awareness. With such awareness the L.E.A.D. program creates a truly transformative learning environment.

Development: The ultimate goal of the L.E.A.D. program is to offer students leadership skills, experiences, and awareness that will help develop them into a better leader. Creating a better world for tomorrow.


Today we will meet each LEAD camper outside the San Jose Airport (SJO) where they will be transported to the first hotel. We will be staying at Studio Hotel just in the Capital City where we will have an ice-breaker and orientation of everything to expect during the next amazing 9 day adventure. (Meals: Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Public speaking, conversation, organization, planning, decision-making

Transformative Learning Experiences – International travel, cultural experience

Become Aware of – Compare/Contrast Costa Rica vs US, interaction with other LEAD members

Relfection in order to Develop – Experiences of first day (travel, first impressions), expectations

Journal Topics – One page on first impressions of people & place and how it feels to be away from home.

We will first travel to the University of Peace which is run by the United Nations and the kids will get a tour and take a short class on the University’s role in leading youths to be future Leaders of a more peaceful world.

Get ready for an adventure as we make our way to the base of a ridge where we will begin our hike into the cave. This is actually just a cavern that is tucked behind a waterfall but without question one of the most unique and beautiful places you will ever see in in your life. The hike is intense but worth it by all means. We will hike for around 2 hours as we make our way up the ridge and then down into the canyon. On our way to the waterfall we will pass by a permaculture garden where we can learn solutions to large monoculture plantations.

Arriving at the cavern, we will have lunch and then get geared up for the 120ft waterfall rappel. This is a perfect rappel that literally ends right where you will be sleeping. After the rappel we will take one more small hike to the top of one of the tallest waterfalls in all of Costa Rica. Diamante Falls measures 600ft and we’ll can watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Conflict Resolution.

Transformative Learning Experiences – World renowned United Nations University of Peace, Understanding of an Ecolodge

Become Aware of – World Issues, Cause and affect of Peace/Conflict, Conflict Resolutions, Environmental issues

Relfection in order to Develop – Leadership, Peace, Responsibility

Journal Topics – How you feel about the world issues we learned today. Do they make you sad, motivated, discouraged? How leaders can help?

You will wake up and the first thing you will see is three waterfalls forming a wall that flow over where we’ll be sleeping. There is nothing like this that we can compare it to. After breakfast we will then make another hike to some more waterfalls and pools. The kids can jump off a 15 ft waterfall into a beautiful pristine pool. After the hike it is back down to the cavern for lunch and then time to hike out. After we hike out of the cave we will make our way to the area of Turrialba by way of the Paramo of Costa Rica which is one of the most unique areas of the tropics. The Paramo is what comes after the cloud-forest in high elevations of the tropics below the snow line.

We will then arrive to our favorite part of the trip where we will be staying with homestays. These families are amazing and our adventure company is based out of this small beautiful village up in the mountains with an amazign view of the smoking Turrialba Volcano. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Service, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Organization, Self-confidence.

Transformative Learning Experiences – Serving the community, communicating with locals? appreciation nature(views of Volcano).

Become Aware of – Importance of composting, local school environment, fun in the outdoors.

Relfection in order to Develop – Service, living sustainably, compare/contrast CR schools to US.

Journal Topics – Free writing about homestays. Ways you can use the community service project to help back home?

Today we will continue to work on our community service project in the morning and then plan a summer camp for the local kids in the afternoon. Our goal is to come up with a half day camp for kids that we will run on the soccer field the following morning. The LEAD campers are going to run this camp from the ground up using their different skills and working as a team.

In the evening we will have a traditional party put on for us by the local families. This will be filled with fun, food and dance from start to finish. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Motivation, teamwork, self-confidence, fortitude, commitment, and diligence

Transformative Learning Experiences – Planning the camp.

Become Aware of – Your strength of mind, character and resilience; permaculture.

Relfection in order to Develop – Teamwork, fears, strengths and weakness.

Journal Topics – Free writing…

Today during the morning we will be running the camp we planned. We will have up to 50 kids being part of the camp and the LEAD campers will be running the show. Its going to be a memorable morning offering an unforgettable experience for the local kids and the LEAD students.

In the afternoon we will say good-bye to our homestay families and make our way to Costa Rican Resource’s Pacuare Ecolodge. Located on the river banks of one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet (Number 3 according to National Geographic).

This Pacuare Ecolodge will be home for the LEAD campers for the next four nights giving them a chance to be immersed in the jungle, learning about the environment, and mixing it with plenty of fun such as hiking, rafting, ziplines, rappels, and Costa Rica’s most exciting Tarzan Swing! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Organization, communication, time management, team work, execution of a plan, interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm.

Transformative Learning Experiences – Connecting with children from Costa Rica.

Become Aware of – Lives of the locals.

Relfection in order to Develop – Thoughts, feelings of the day and the process.

Journal Topics – Highlight of the day, how did local kids benefit, what could have been done more efficiently next time?

Today we will be taking a hike into the ancient indigenous culture of the Cabecar Indigenous Tribe. Here the students are going to get a look into the tribe who are living a truly sustainable life. They are the masters of sustainable living and no better person to learn from than the ancient cultures. Here we will meet the families and be invited into their thatch roof homes. This is a very unique experience for the LEAD campers with memories they will take with them forever.

In the afternoon it is back to the lodge and some time to swim in the river and enjoy some games at the lodge with a bonfire and marshmallows at night! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Organization, communication, time management, team work, execution of a plan, interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm.

Transformative Learning Experiences – Connecting with indigenous of Costa Rica.

Become Aware of – Living sustainably.

Relfection in order to Develop – Thoughts, feelings of the indigenous culture.

Journal Topics – Highlight of the day?

Another full day of fun at the Ecolodge but today you will be experiencing our infamous Tarzan Swing! The swing will have you swinging hundreds of feet over the river while staying attached. We have a lower platform for those interested in a less adventurous swing. We’ll also be riding on our zipline and rappeling two different trees in the rainforest that measure over 100ft. The last rappel has us splashing into the river where tubes will be waiting for us to take us down a few rapids in tubes. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Teamwork, communication, motivation.

Transformative Learning Experiences – The Tarzan Swing.

Become Aware of – What nature has to offer.

Relfection in order to Develop – Motivating each other.

Journal Topics – Feelings before Tarzan Swing and after Swing…

Today its time for some fun, splashing water and adventure. We will be spending the entire day rafting down the Pacuare River. This is one of the most scenic rivers on the planet and it’s filled with rapids to keep us wet from start to finish along with many different waterfall hikes through the rainforest. This is a full day for fun on the river and then back to the Ecolodge at night for more marshmallows.

We will have plenty of time to work on teamwork today as we have six campers to a raft with a guide and we’ll be discussing and experiencing different topics that make it a fun day of learning. At the end of the rafting we will make the drive back to the Central Valley to have you close to the airport for your departure. We will arrive to the hotel at a reasonable time for an unforgettable farewell party for our new LEAD graduates and all the new friends everyone made during the trip. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Leadership Skills Applied – Teamwork, communication, motivation.

Transformative Learning Experiences – The River.

Become Aware of – What nature has to offer.

Relfection in order to Develop – Teamwork.

Journal Topics – What does it mean to be a team member on a raft? How can this relate to the world working as a team to help with some basic problems of today?

Today we will make the transfer to the San Jose Airport (SJO). (Meals: Breakfast)

$1970/ LEAD Camper

Includes: All lodging, tours, meals, transportation, 24 hour adult supervision, guides, and FUN!

Not Included: International Airfare