Community Service Projects

Community service projects in Costa Rica

Service Projects

Our student groups have completed and assisted in hundreds of service projects in our community and Costa Rica and have contributed more than 50,000 volunteer hours. These projects include:

Tree Planting and Reforestation Project

Our student groups have participated in over 100 tree plantings and reforestation projects. These typically occur in the Pacuare River watershed.

Creating bio Spheres

Said best by our non-profit partner, RAFA: “Balls are easy to throw into the river, and the heavy clay sinks to the bottom, where sediment from contamination builds up. The river’s water dissolves the clay, releasing the microorganisms that restore a healthy balance in the ecosystem, thereby increasing the river’s self-purification ability.”

Building Bus Stops

Our community in Sitio de Mata didn’t have bus stops throughout the town. Over a period of two years we built “paradas” throughout the neighborhoods.

Community Garden

We helped build a community garden in one of the Sitio Mata neighborhoods (“Barrios”) in 2022. This garden grew over 20 different types of fruit and vegetables.

Improving the Soccer Field

Our community plaza/soccer field in Sitio Mata has been undergoing a long-term upgrade from our student groups including improving the seating, fences, and goal posts. This area is the lifeblood of the community for the kids in the area and is one of the projects that we’re most proud of.

Indigenous Shelter

Students worked with the Cabécar, the indigenous community in the Pacaure River basin, and helped them build a new shelter.

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