Every rafting trip done in Costa Rica will and should follow all safety requirements. Our company is a company that finds its profession in promoting safety. We, without question, require safety first and take pride in how we operate our tours. When you arrive to the river you will be eager to jump into the raft and get your rafting adventure underway.

Just like many fun activities it does not come easy at first. Also, like many fun activities you must follow certain rules to avoid the dangers ofrafting in Costa Rica. You will spend your first 20 minutes sitting on the raft in the hot sun listening to your rafting guide tell you what you will need to do and what you will NOT need to do during your rafting adventure.

The safety speech is going to inform you on what needs to be done to make the adventure as safe as possible. This is where people need to pay attention. Unlike the zipline where you just strap in and go, rafting is a team sport. Your river guide does his part but the rest of the folks in the raft must contribute also.

This is one of the reasons why most people find whitewater rafting in Costa Rica their favorite adventure because you really feel a part of what is going on and responsible for making your way down the river as a team.

Hundreds of rafters make it down the rivers of Costa Rica everyday safely. Take a look at the safety speech you will hear before your rafting trip and become an expert before you get to Costa Rica.

Written by Tom Ranieri

Written by: Tom Ranieri, 11 year experienced Costa Rica River Guide, Naturalist Guide, Swift-Water Rescue Technician, Vertical Rescue Technician, WEMT, Environmentalist.