When looking for some adventure there is none other better than whitewater rafting in Costa Rica. Some of the best rivers in the world can be found in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country of very rough terrain in most areas but filled with plenty of flat terrain also. The amount of rain in Costa Rica and the mountains make for rivers running all year in almost all parts of the country. Because there are many different types of rivers in Costa Rica it makes for different types of water sports one can enjoy when looking for some adventure. We operate three different types of adventures in the rivers. We always are concentrating on safety first. If you decide to do a whitewater adventure it all depends on which river, ability of our clients, and water level. Take a look and look at some of the whitewater river adventures you can enjoy when traveling with Costa Rican Resource.

Rafts - Your most common type of river adventure is done in the rafts. Costa Rican Resource operates it's whitewater rafting trips with six man self bailing rafts. The idea of self bailing means that the floor is filled with air but has little holes where water can slip out. This means the floor floats up to the river surface and the water runs out on it's own. This type of raft is most common in whitewater rivers so you do not have to end up spending your entire trip bailing out water. The rafting experience is a team effort. It is a chance for you to work as a team with your family or friends. Every rafting trip we operate you will be joined by a trained and experienced raft guide. During the rafting experience you will work with the guide as he gives you and your group commands of what to do and what not to do. The raft is the only option for making it down the big rapids of Costa Rica. Many of the different levels of rapids in Costa Ricaare only operated in rafts or experienced kayaks. The rafting can also be canceled because of the different river levels of Costa Rica rivers during the rainy season where the rivers are too high even for rafts.

Duckies - The ducky is a type of raft that is small enough for one or two paddlers.The duckies are more narrow and allow for more technical moves in the river. The ducky does not require an expert guide if you are in a river of small class I or II rapids. The ducky will have you soaked by the first little rapid as you are riding much lower than those that are sitting in the raft. We operate trips in the ducky for those families looking for a little adventure and usually after a day of rafting so they are familiar with just being in the river. There are a number of small rivers we can take family groups on where the kids and parents all get the chance to try and maneuver your own ducky down the river. When doing a ducky trip you might be in your own ducky but you will always have an expert CRR guide nearby in a ducky or kayak of their own.

Tubes - If you are rafting down Pacuare River and you get the chance to see some of the Cabecar Indians you will notice that they have no life vest and make their way down some of the larger rapids on a custom made canoe tree trunk. Is this safe?If you have not lived in the rainforest for generations then it is absolutely unsafe. But after having clients begging us to try and we of course have always refused we decided to make the investment in some tubes. There are tubes made for floating down small rapids where clients can get a chance to actually be in the rapid and I guess feel like the Indian kids for a day. We operate these tours in small little rivers where rafts most of the time would not fit. This adventure of course depends on the water level of the river. It is a great experience and something everyone should try if they enjoy rivers and looking for some adventure.