Costa Rica has been voted the happiest country on the planet on numerous occasions by different sources and media. We usually only get one week to spend with our guests, helping them experience the various wonders of biodiversity and joys of the Costa Rican culture. We like to combine the two to give away a little secret that Costa Rican’s are always willing to share.

Along with science, Spanish, and culture, our tours include a blueprint for sending each of our guests home with the keys and tools to living a happier life!

The phrase you will undoubtedly learn here in Costa Rica is Pura Vida which means “Pure Life”. It is from this phrase that we have developed our guiding tool that we share with each of our guests. Take a look and enjoy the secret of happiness the Costa Rican way:


Personal Well-being – Costa Rica is a country that is rooted in agricultural work, a healthy diet, and staying active. We will apply Personal Well-being to your tour through the experience of new foods, amazingly fresh tropical fruits, physical activities such as hiking, paddling, and breathing the fresh air of the pristine tropical rainforest.

Understanding – Costa Rica is a country that has no military. For the last 60 years they have sat back and watched world powers debate. While having an opinion, they are very understanding of all foreigners and are on good terms with all the countries of the world. Your students will develop an Understanding of different cultures, which leads to tolerance and acceptance of others and a more peaceful world.

Relationships – Costa Rica is a country of a very tight community. It is through these tight family relationships that the joy and comfort of community spreads from rural areas to an entire national level. If you visit our Sitio de Mata Project you will learn of the immeasurable value that family relationships have on the happiness of an entire village. You will always remember the positive relationships all Costa Ricans have with each other and foreigners alike.

Acts of Kindness – Most Costa Ricans you meet will give you a hand. Your students will experience acts of kindness through different community service projects during their visit to rural villages, indigenous villages, or simple visits to schools around Costa Rica.

Vision & Meaning – It is said that happiness is achieved through having goals and meaning in life. From the shoemakers in San Jose along with the pulperia owners of the barrio all the way up to the highest diplomats, Costa Rican’s honor their work and service for the greater good. Each tour we operate has a vision and a meaning. We will present this vision and meaning during the first night of the tour. Throughout the week we will look to make progress to illuminate that vision while giving meaning to our unforgettable adventure.

Immerse yourself in Nature – Costa Ricans are surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring beauty in nature. Because of this they have developed a respect for nature and the desire to protect it for future generations. Our goal during each tour is to have kids stop and be aware of what’s around them and take in the natural beauty of Costa Rica. We incorporate this into each tour through different mindfulness activities in nature. Our private Ecolodge on the world famous Pacuare River is the epic opportunity for all to immerse themselves in Nature.

Do new things – Costa Ricans are always up for a new adventure. You will be given the opportunity on your week-long adventure to try new things. This excitement of the unknown is what leads to new levels of happiness. Doing new things comes easy with a CRR tour. From tasting the new tropical fruits, meeting new friends, learning new words, and doing the adventures we offer, we promise you plenty of new things to try.

Appreciate – people and all things in life. Being grateful is one of the key ingredients to a happier life. Costa Rican’s will thank you for just about anything. “Muchas gracias” is the only phrase used more than Pura Vida in Costa Rica.

Being grateful is a lesson we put great emphasis on during our tours. It’s more than saying thank you. It’s the authentic feeling of understanding the importance of the positive reciprocal affect of being appreciative can have on your happiness. We like to get kids in the groove of being appreciative and expressing it during different activities.