CRR has been working hard with the rural village of Sitio de Mata where we aim to make the village more sustainable while offering a remarkable homestay experience for visiting guest.

Project: Sitio de Mata

CRR has much respect for the local indigenous tribes and has developed a project to help rescue the culture of the local indigenous families. This is an amazing experience deep into these sacred mountains where ancient knowledge is stored.

Project: Bri-bri Indigenous

CRR has developed this project in the souther Caribbean zone offering guest a chance to have a life changing experience while witnessing the largest sea-turtle in the world. Because of the many threats to the Leatherback Sea-Turtles existence this is a project of conservation.

Project: Sea-Turtles

CRR has developed this project for local Costa Rican kids. CRR believes that conservation has to begin locally and getting the locals out into the natural beauties in their backyards is essential to a more sustainable future. J.A.M. is an acronym in Spanish (Jale Afuera Mae) for (Let's Get Outside).

Project: Sea-Turtles