Costa Rican Resource Green Commitment

Our dedication to being a green company is one of our top priorities. We work daily to try to improve how we can help the environment. We are a small company which we feel can work as a perfect example of how little things can make a big difference. During a student trip to Costa Rica you will work with us in doing little things not only to educate your students on protecting the environment but put into practice small things that can be done on a daily routine to make a big difference.

Our practices begin in our office trying to deal with most of our reservations through emails, using recycled paper, natural lighting in the office, and having recycled bins for all to use. Then we also take our green attitudes on tour with us practicing two very important ways of living green. We encourage each student and teacher to take part in both projects during their trip to Costa Rica and also to continue the green practices when they return home.

Plastic Bags

US households use billions of plastic bags each year many of which end up in the dump. If each person in the US used just two fewer plastic bags a week each person would use around 100 less bags a year and if everyone tied their saved plastic bags together handle to handle it would wrap around the planet more than 126 times.

herefore our first project is the elimination of plastic bags. Our company during a tour says “NO” to plastic bags. We do the best we can to encourage our travelers to refuse plastic bags when they buy something. We like to make this the fourth “R” in recycling. We have Reduse, Reuse, Recycle, & Reject. We encourage our students to Reject the things you don’t need. If you are buying a coke and a bag of chips you do not need a plastic bag to walk 20ft to the bus so we say Reject the bag. In the event you are buying a few more things, we give each student a recycled-made bag at the start of the trip. These bags are made by a group of women in a village that use old coffee bags, rice bags, and things of such to make bags for our clients to use. This is a great income for the women’s group and also the only bag that the students use during their stay in Costa Rica for buying things. So our clients don’t use any plastic bags during their stay in Costa Rica, and hopefully develop the habit to Reject when they return home.

Plastic Bottles

It takes 1.5 million barrels of oil annually to satisfy America’s demand for bottled water. If this oil were converted into gasoline, the total could fuel five hundred thousand station wagons to take their families on coast-to-coast road trips.

Our second project is that we use no plastic bottles on the trip. We supply purified water in a large container which is always in the bus. Each student gets their own CRR plastic bottle at the start of the trip which is Oxo-biodigradable. This means if it falls out of the raft or dropped during a zipline then it will dissolve into the environment in 33 months. The idea behind the large container of water and the bottles is that we try to show the students that they do not need to buy plastic bottles during their stay in Costa Rica. It is an easy way of doing things and it is much more convenient to send your bottle to the front of the bus for a fill-up than having to get out and go into the grocery store and buy a few bottles of water.

We invite all our students to take part in these two projects, which are always optional. Our hope is they will learn and practice some simple conservation techniques here in Costa Rica and take the ideas home and practice them there too.