Dear Students and Parents,


We are so glad you are thinking about an educational trip to Costa Rica. We think our company does an outstanding job in this area and would like to tell you a little bit about Costa Rican Resource.

We are a company based in Costa Rica and we have been doing family trips and student trips for six years. We specialize in customizing our trips to fit our clients’ needs. With our student groups, the trip is designed with the teacher’s input so that the tour enhances the curriculum. Costa Rica provides the perfect vibrant classroom for many areas of study such geology, botany, zoology, history, government, ecology and of course Spanish.

Most of our trips do include a community service component. We take pride in offering some very unique service projects. The idea behind each is to help the community but also to make the experience as educational and enjoyable as possible. We have taken students to former United Fruit Company banana plantations to learn the effects of large companies in small countries and help out in some way such as building, painting, planting (and probably playing a little soccer). We visit the Cabecar Indian Reservation to learn about the indigenous of Costa Rica and share some English and American customs.

Staff – Our tours are run not just with a driver and guide, but we also have other staff members on the tour. Each tour has a professional filmmaker who makes videos throughout the week. A professionally edited video is sent to parents of the students on the trip. We have very energetic guides that the students will enjoy. They are filled with humor, knowledge, and make a great team. If you are on a Spanish language trip, we offer highly trained Spanish teachers from start to finish. If it is a science trip, we have naturalists, volcanologists that will make things very interesting. Our adventure guides are all certified in their individual areas, and they are always ready to share that knowledge with the students throughout the week.

Experience and firsthand knowledge – Knowing the local people is a great advantage in offering student travel to Costa Rica. We take students inside the countryside and visit the homes of locals that we know by name. They show us how to make things like tortillas. This is an incredible experience. We definitely offer some mainstream tourist events but one of our goals is to show the students what the average tourist never sees, the life of the typical Costa Rican people.

Safety First – When dealing with any client safety comes first. And with student groups safety is doubly important. Our guides are certified in first aid, wilderness rescue and water safety. We keep a close eye on the students. For more information on our insurance policy please contact us.

We are looking forward to showing you beautiful Costa Rica. We know it will be a wonderful, fun, learning experience. If you have any questions, please email us

Pura vida,

Costa Rican Resource Team.