We are inviting Teachers from Jesuit schools to come join Costa Rican Resource on our Annual Free Teacher Trip from July 16th – July 21st 2017. This year the focus of our trip will be based on Pope Francis’s calling for an “ecological conversion”. We are inviting teachers from across the Jesuit Network to spend six days as we convert back to nature through adventure, education, and fun. We’ll spend one day in the mountain village of Sitio de Mata, a night in the jungle on the world famous Pacuare River, and two nights at the Arenal Volcano. During this six day trip teachers will learn why Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people in the world (2009 & 2012 According to HPI index including 151 countries calculating overall sustainable well-being). Teachers will also have the chance to meet Costa Rican Resource staff members and get an idea of how to operate an international trip for students. It’s an incredible trip that teachers from all over the US have experienced and consider it the best six days of fun and learning they’ve ever had.

Note: This trip is open to Middle School, High School, & College Professors who are seriously considering taking students on an educational trip to Costa Rica. We do ask that you are committed to returning with students, your school administration approves this idea (unless you plan to travel without the school’s auspicis), and this is something your students and parents in the area can realistically afford at the per student cost of $1,750 w/o Airfare.

Today we ask that everyone arrives on a flight no later that early afternoon. If your only flight is in the evening, we prefer that you arrive on the 15th. Upon arrival to the San Jose (SJO) Airport we will be making the drive north to the area of Turrialba. This first day will be a travel day and we’ll be having a small gathering for dinner allowing everyone to meet, break the ice, and discover what is going to be an amazing six days of adventure, fun, and education!

In the evening we will have an orientation along with an introduction to what contributes to Costa Ricans being the happiest people on the planet. On the eve of what will be the best part of the trip (visiting the rural village of Sitio de Mata) we plan to give you a jump start on what to expect and how bringing your students down can help make the happiness virus become contagious as they immerse themselves with Costa Rican families. (Meals: Dinner).

Today we will be traveling to Sitio de Mata. This is a homestay project our company has been working on for the last eight years. Without question we find this the highlight of the trip.

will be staying one night in the homestays and planning a night of food, dance, and cultural activities for the entire community to enjoy. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner).

Today we will say good-bye to our new friends and head to the Pacuare River. National Geographic has it listed as one of their top three most scenic rivers on the planet. It is also here that Costa Rican Resource has its beautiful ecolodge which offers bungalows and awe-inspiring views completely immersed in the rainforest

After a half day of rafting we will pull the rafts to the side of the river and make a short hike to our river lodge. Here you will spend the night in the jungle. Our guides will turn chefs and cook a great meal for you along with a bonfire and a chance to hear the river and jungle come to life. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner).

Today you will raft one of the most picturesque river sections, not only in Costa Rica but anywhere on Earth. The Pacuare canyon is home to primary rainforest from start to finish. We will be rafting by 200 ft waterfalls and 300 ft canyon walls.

After a day of rafting in the afternoon we will make our way to the Arenal Volcano where you can relax in the hotsprings at the Arenal Manoa Resort for our final two days of education and fun. (Meals: Dinner).

After breakfast it’s we’ll get the adrenaline pumping on the most well-known adventure in all of Costa Rica. Not only is the zipline through the rainforest an adventure but doing it along side an active volcano 700ft above the rainforest surely adds to the rush.

Once back on terra firma, our naturalist will take us to a small reserve where we will get an up close introduction to some of the most fascinating critters of Costa Rica.

After the reserve we will stop for a delicious and educational lunch. Here you will meet many of our local friends and enjoy an authentic organic farm tour. This experience will help you to understand organic farming and to appreciate how local rural families farm and live on small pieces of land. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner).

Today we will be transferring everyone to the San Jose Airport (SJO). It is a two hour drive to the airport and it makes sense to make your departure flight NOT VERY EARLY. If you do have an early flight we will get you to the airport but you will be waking up very early with us which is fine we are early risers! (Meals: Breakfast).