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  • Before 90 days of departure—90% refund
  • Before 60 days of departure—50% refund
  • After 45 days of departure—25% refund

If CRR reserved the flights, that part is not refundable after the flights have been paid by CRR (50 days before departure*).

We do ask for 25% to secure reservation, an additional 25% 60 days before arrival and the final 50% due, 30 days before arrival. We suggest booking be done as soon as possible but no later than three months prior to the start of your itinerary. If it is a large group or student group, we especially need an approximate number ASAP.

Yes parents can use a credit card or teachers can collect partial or full payment checks and deposit into our Wells Fargo account. Or parents can send the payments directly. Keep in mind that there is a 3% charge on credit cards.

  1. Online Individual Credit Card Payment and Registration System (3% Fee paying with Credit Card)
  2. Counter Deposit at any Wells Fargo Bank

Checks made out to Costa Rican Resource, Inc.
Write on the back of the check: For deposit only: Account #2000047939718

  1. Mail in Checks send to:

Costa Rican Resource, Inc
c/o: Wells Fargo Bank Bank By Mail PO Box 3488 Portland, OR 97208-3488

  1. Wire transfer to our Wells Fargo account In the US:

Account number: 2000047939718

Costa Rican Resource, Inc.
Florida account terms and conditions apply

For Direct Deposit use
Routing Number (RTN): 063107513

For Wire Transfers use
Routing Number (RTN): 121000248

  1. Wire transfer to our Banco Nacional account in Costa Rica

Bank name: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Bank address: Apartado 10015-1000 San José, Costa Rica
Account name: Costa Rican Resource CRR SA
Account number: 100-02-123-600250-5

Our policy for all force majeure events is one of mutual “good faith“. Costa Rican Resource will make all good faith efforts to keep your group safe and avoid all affected areas in order to continue your experience as appropriate for the particular event in question. Although these events can never be predicted it is very likely that such events will be limited in scope by geography and Costa Rican Resource will work within the limits of individual hotel cancellation policies to adjust your itinerary with limited additional expense.

Costa Rican Resource is a company that operates with many different tour operators. Each of these companies are insured for the services they offer. We have proof of all insurance documents and booklets, which can be sent out any time you request. We do strongly suggest when traveling that you take out adventure student travel insurance that is purchased in the States. We do not require that you show proof of purchase before traveling with us but we do recommend you have adventure travel insurance. It is very inexpensive and can be obtained from many companies online. Some examples are: www.sta.com, www.worldnomads.com, www.internationalstudentinsurance.com and www.tilloglobe.com.

We, as a company, go beyond the normal steps of Costa Rica travel safety. All of our clients are registered under “Emergencias Medicas”. We offer this as a service and it is included in all our packages. The Emergencias Médicas plan that we supply for each student traveling with us is a private rescue dispatch service that helps us in the rescue process of ground and air transport.

Also as a reminder, all our guides are up to date on their Wilderness First Responder and First Aid courses. If there were an emergency, our clients would be brought to the CIMA Hospital, which is not only the best hospital in Costa Rica but one of the top hospitals in all of the Americas. CIMA is the primary facility for all major care needs. Smaller clinics may be utilized for minor care as we travel throughout the country but this is done on an as needed impromptu basis.

We do not require any immunizations for our tours.