Company History

  1. CRR Breaks

    Ground on New Commercial Office and Warehouse in Turrialba

  2. CRR Supports

    Junior Rafting Team which Earns Silver Medal in Australia

  3. CRR

    joins AEE (Association for Experimental Education)

  4. CRR partners with ACACED

    Asociación Costarricense de Acuarismo para la Conservación de los Ecosistemas Dulceacuícolas

  5. Lebron & Rocky

    become two more Company Dogs

  6. Develops Partnership

    with Pantera Conservation Group

  7. Builds 4

    Recycled Bus Stops in Sitio de Mata

  8. New Office Space

    CRR Moves Office to Turrialba

  9. More Adventures

    CRR Welcomes it's 2,000 students to Costa Rica

  10. Lodge Construction

    Construction of Private Lodge Pacuare Outdoor Center Begins!

  11. Environmental Leadership

    CRR Develops working relationship with the University of Peace which is part of the United Nations to operate it's first and very successful Environmental Leadership Program.

  12. Acknowledged for Dedication

    CRR is acknowledged by The International Ecotourism Society and The Children & Nature Network for their dedication to getting kids out into nature.

  13. Sponsor

    CRR becomes sponsor of Costa Rica National Rafting Team.

  14. Colaboration

    CRR developed working relationships with Jane Benyus and her Institute of Biomimicry.

  15. Universities

    CRR begins working with Universities.

  16. Animal Care

    CRR gets two more company dogs named Max & Bruno.

  17. Sitio de Mata Project

    CRR starts it's Sitio de Mata Project in a Rural Community outside of Turrialba.

  18. More Students!

    CRR began to Rock It with student groups from all over.

  19. New Location

    CRR moves office from Alajuela to Heredia (more room for the company dog Tuk).

  20. Pacuare Outdoor Center

    Pacuare River

    CRR starts operations on Pacuare River Rafting Adventures.

  21. Fun for Everyone

    CRR launched it's Family Adventures

  22. Opening

    CRR opens it's doors as a Spanish Language School in a Rural Community in Alajuela, Costa Rica.