Arrival & Departure from San Jose Airport


Immigration. After disembarking the plane, you’ll line up with the non-Costa Rican citizens (visitors), & show your Passport. You’ll then proceed downstairs to pick up your luggage. You can use one of the airport carts (they are free) to get all the bags to Customs. Go through Customs with luggage and show Customs Forms (you may wait in a line here).


Meeting us outside the airport. After you are done with the lines at Customs, you will walk out of the airport and come face to face (glass wall in between) with a number of different guides holding up company or client names. The airport carts can’t be taken past the glass wall, so if you can wheel your stuff from there, we’ll take care of it after you get out. We will have a representative holding up our Costa Rican Resource logo and the sign will have your name on it. Just calmly walk around to the outside and stand still till we come in contact with you. If you have one of our stickers on, it will help us find you too.

Costa Rican Resource Contact Information: (if a flight is missed or delayed, etc.)

In Costa Rica: +506 8922-4570 / +506 8719-1656

Vonage line from US phone 352-694-3462


Postal Address for Costa Rican Resource:

Apartado #359-3011, Barva, Costa Rica, Central America

* Bags can get lost so wear clothing ready for CR activity and a change of socks and underwear in your carry-on bag. Put any meds in your carry-on bag too.


At the airport, a $26 departure tax per person must be paid before getting in line for airline carrier. Dollars, colones or Visa credit cards accepted but there is an extra charge using the card. Should be at airport at least two hours before departing.

Lots of gift shops while you wait for plane to depart. These gift shops also ship things like Salsa Lizano and Britt candy and coffee (liquids can not be taken on the plane). Stores also have stamps, postcards and a mailbox if you were having too much fun and forgot to send a postcard home.


Since tourism is the #1 industry in Costa Rica now, many Costa Ricans are living off of tourism. Minimum wage here is a $1.40 and most drivers, guides, and waiters are working for around that price or a little more. A day trip tips for a driver or guide depending on which tour can be around $3 - $6. There is a 10% service charge included in almost all restaurant bills so depending on your tipping style at restaurants you already have 10% included.


US dollars are pretty much accepted in all tourist areas. However, if you pay in dollars, you will probably receive change in colones (about 500 colones to the dollar). ATM machines are plentiful (you can get either dollars or colones from them) and credit cards are accepted in most places (except small neighborhood shops). Vendors would prefer cash (no $50’s or $100’s) or credit cards to travelers’ checks. NO personal checks.