Who We Are?

Costa Rican Resource is a company that has been operating Student Travel Tours and Family Vacations since 2002. This is a small company that concentrates on personalized attention. Our goal is to have our clients grow and challenge themselves through adventure and being a part of our project of giving to the communities. We hope our love for adventure and service last longer than a week and you can use the things you learned with us for the rest of your lives.

The company was formed by Tom Ranieri. He is from Florida and has resided in Costa Rica for the last 9 years. Tom was a teacher in Belize before coming to Costa Rica and studied at the Institute for Bio-diversity in Costa Rica. Tom worked as a river guide on the Pacuare River where from there the company was formed. Tom’s family moved down to Costa Rica to help with the business and now all operations are out of their office in San Jose de la Montana in Heredia located on the slopes of the Barva Volcano. With some excellent networking and the idea of the company being spread out through different small businesses Costa Rican Resource was formed.

This is a company that operates from many different levels. We have our own rafting department, video department, transportation department of which all are seperate owners and everyone gets a piece of the pie. Not only do seperate small business owners pay the bills with Costa Rican Resource but the amount of time, money, and work given back to communities is a major part of this company. The company makes donations but the idea of making the local communities, the schools/orphanages, and families in rural areas a working part of our company is the main idea. They offer our clients an amazing experience in which both benefit from the activities that take place.

Our company is always making progress toward being the most environmentally friendly tour operator possible. During our tours you will notice the importance given to the environment and the education each client will recieve on ways they can help.

We invite you to look at our site or even better contact some of our former clients and get an idea just how personalized, attention to detail, and professionally operated are the tours of Costa Rican Resource. PURA VIDA!!!

Want an unforgettable experience?