Letter from the owner

Tom Ranieri on Costa Rica student travel

With a country full of amazing people, a landscape that day after day just blows your mind, and some of the best rivers on the planet, I decided to call Costa Rica home. I made my early career whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River and working as an adventure guide for different companies. The more I began to see Costa Rica become developed I felt there was a need for a market of more authentic tourism.

CRR has grown into a medium size company but we still operate at a very personalized level allowing every client to feel as if they are part of the family when they leave. During our growth, we have been able to buy properties and build an ecolodge nature reserve on the Pacuare River (www.pacuareoutdoorcenter.com) which reflects our success in service and repeat clientele over the last 15 years.

“The gem that keeps Costa Rica beautiful and makes it a place for adventure and happiness is not the waterfalls, not the rivers, nor the volcanos. The best of the best of Costa Rica is getting time to immerse yourself with the Costa Rican people.”

We hope you join us for your Costa Rica Adventure and get excited with us about an opportunity to do so much for yourselves and your children. In giving them a trip to Costa Rica you are giving them an appreciation of nature and becoming part of our Costa Rican family!