We take pride in the ultimate souvenir. Many parents will hear stories and be reminded of the great times their children have had, but they will truly experience the adventure and learning experience of their children through our completely documented video that we send to each student just one week after their departure. T-shirts and key rings are nice, but a professionally edited video with interviews, places visited, and even up-close footage of each student zip lining makes for the best souvenir possible.

The video can be posted and each student will have a copy of their trip. Our professional camera staff is full of energy and making it a relaxed atmosphere from start to finish. A huge thanks goes out to Paulo Monge who is our proffesional videographer and a true artist in making every student adventure last a lifetime. Paulo's videographer backround consist of work with BBC, TVE, and Ascend the Nile. Paulo's message to student's, parents, friends, and all: is to "find a comfortable spot on the couch and a big bucket of popcorn because this is a film you don't want to miss!".