Teen travel has been changing lives for years. It has time and time again turned children into mature adults having their eyes opened to the complexity of the world, different cultures, and a better appreciation for the outdoors. You can find on almost any teen travel website the positive affects that traveling as a teen has had on many former clients. The first and foremost idea of any teen travel company should be safety. To have someone else's child in your possession for a week or more in a foreign country is by all standards--a serious responsibility.

We do not outsource our adventures and feel more comfortable knowing that we are the ones operating all of the adventures. Because of this we have not grown into a larger company. If is necessary to use another company, we will only use one that has the best reputation and highest safety records, plus a CRR guide will always accompany the group. There is peace of mind knowing your children are with us from start to finish. Our staff is made up of EMT's, Wilderness First Responders and all the guides are trained in basic first aide.

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The main focus of every teen travel program should be safety first. Along with safety first, your kids then get the benefits of traveling abroad and experiencing adventure and nature to it's fullest. There are endless benefits to teen travel. Take a look at some of the best known:

  • Teenagers develop Individually
  • Teenagers develop Scholastically
  • Teenagers develop Socially

The benefits to teen travel come as they develop individually on a teen tour. The young travelers build confidence starting from the moment they say good-bye at the gateway airport and they are on their own (not really on their own a CRR representative is always with them from the gateway airport). But being without their parents or friends puts them into a entirely new world of thinking which subconsciously boosts their individuality and confidence to a whole new level. Teenagers experience many other positive affects of traveling but we have noticed that upon returning home these are the three parents often notice immediately.Their grades in school improve. This might depend on the subject of the teen travel but with increased self confidence often comes better grades. Students learn to take an interest and think more about the future of college and careers. A teen travel program is also great on a college application. The third benefit you might notice is the social advantages.

If you join Costa Rican Resource on a teen summer camp the kids have no other choice but to become friends and learn to be part of a team. This results in returning home and having better developed social skills toward their peers and adults.