Not only do we have a list of references of teachers and schools who have traveled with us in the past but this past July, Costa Rican Resource had the opportunity to sponsor a trip for 30 different educators from all over the country. We had all different subject areas including Science, Spanish, History, and even a soccer coach.

The idea of the trip was to give these educators a chance to evaluate how our student travel operations work. It was a first hand taste of the quality of guides, the safety of adventures, and all round professionalism of our staff.

The trip was a great success. Not only did our staff make 30 new friends but we had the chance to show off just how personalized and filled with energy our staff and trips can be. We often operate our tours with more than the normal staff having guides, driver, and our videographer our trips are consider an overload to some but to others the perfect fit for your student travels. We will include that all 30 members of the trip have nothing but positive feedback and can be used as references for schools that are interested in traveling with Costa Rican Resource.

A huge thanks goes out to all the teachers who participated and we look forward to sponsoring many more teacher trips in the future. Please feel free to contact us for references of many different educators who have already had a Costa Rican Resource experience.