With 5G Is Learning a Second Language Meaningless?

With the exponential growth of technology it is no secret that real time translation is just around the corner and 5G will likely take us there. The idea of spending long hard hours trying to learn a new language is being questioned. Whether it is worth it, will be up to each individual to decide. The truth you can not argue is that it certainly will not be as necessary as before.

With real time translation you will be able to communicate as well if not better than we do now, which could make learning a second language meaningless. Just like we do with our cell phones when you are struggling to remember a fact, you google it. If you are stumped on a vocab word you will probably just put your ear piece in and carry on the conversation.

An advantage which I favor of is that people who are not inclined or motivated to learn a second language or think their language is the only language worth learning will now be able to communicate with people from other countries. They will hopefully be able to drop down their wall of ignorance and realize that good and smart people come from all parts of the world.

While those are two advantages to real time translation I will argue that you are certainly missing out by not learning a second language. The computer is simply translating the word into our native language. What the computer can not do is give us the person to person benefits of learning another language, which range from being better problem solvers, improving memory, and possibly a lessening the chance of certain conditions with the brain later in life.

Finally learing a second language also does something that research is just now beginning to study. Many scientist have asked the question if we become different people when we speak a different language. The early results are yes, we trigger different areas of our brain. The following question is if and how this affects cultures and customs. We might need to actually learn another language to better understand cultures much more than simply just being able to communicate.

In closing I would say it is way to early to suggest learning a second language is meaningless. While the real time translation is sure to make a lot of smiles and new friendships it seems there is more. There are too many benefits to our personal well-being along with the ultimate look into another culture of being able to adjust our minds to possibley think the way others think.


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